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What Makes Our San Antonio Coffee & CBD Lounge Unique

Feb 15, 2024

You know that feeling when you want to be outside of the house but you don’t want the full wine and dine experience but you also don’t want something boring? Well, that’s where Archies Coffee & CBD comes in.

Our coffee shop is meant to be your low-key place to hang out, alone or with your friends – your “Central Perk,” if you will. But Archies isn’t just any cafe. We consciously curate our space and menu to stand out among the crowd from your regular joes. 

Here’s what makes our San Antonio-born coffee and CBD lounge so unique:


Our original cafe in San Antonio Med Center is locally owned and operated. Archies started with a vision to create a “third place,” or place for gathering and leisure outside of the home or work/school environments.

In other words, we want to be a place for people to connect with one another over a cup of coffee, a quick bite, a relaxed experience. 

This means rooting ourselves into the local community, hiring team members who know their hometowns inside and out, and knowing how to be just the right amount of friendly. From our home base in San Antonio to our additional locations, we strive to cultivate a space unique to each city or town we’re in.

Monthly events

At Archies Fine Coffee & CBD, we value community above all. We’ve curated our space to allow people to gather. As part of this experience, we host a variety of monthly events to bring the locals into Archies. 

Some of our most popular events include:

  • Pop-up shopping with local vendors to support small businesses
  • CBD and Delta-9 THC educational events for curious consumers
  • Cocktail and mocktail classes to learn how to bring Archies drinks to your next at-home gathering
  • Networking events with professional groups 

All types of people attend our in-store events, allowing you to create your own story at Archies. Check out our upcoming events on our Events page.

CBD & Delta-9 THC products

In our mission to “Americanize” the Amsterdam coffee shop experience in a safe, family-friendly way, making wellness more accessible is crucial. As plant-based supplements like cannabis and CBD become more mainstream, we want to provide local, third-party-tested options for our community. 

That’s why we partner with Structure Health & Wellness to produce a line of exclusive CBD and Delta-9 THC products and bring you alternative ways to support your lifestyle. 

Explore our range of products on our Shop page.

Exciting menu items

We do coffee differently around here. Sure, you can grab a classic Americano, espresso shot, or seasonal latte – but we’ve got more:

Cocktails & Mocktails

Our menu of cocktails and mocktails keeps you on your toes – so you can unwind for happy hour or enjoy an alcohol-free beverage to stay hydrated between coffees. We also offer CBD and Delta-9 THC infusions in almost all of our drinks (just ask our baristas!). 

Explore our menu to see our wide range of non-coffee beverages. 

P.S. We’re the “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” kind of people; so no judgment if you want a cocktail before 5 PM 😉 


Unsurprisingly, one of our top sellers is a chagaccino. Chagaccinos are made from chaga mushroom powder, combined with other ingredients such as coffee, cocoa powder, and/or sweetener.

For centuries, this type of mushroom has been used as a traditional medicine in Russia and other Northern European countries to boost immunity and overall health. Therefore, chagaccinos are considered a healthier alternative to a traditional coffee or latte because it contains less caffeine and is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients.

Order the chagaccino online now for quick in-store pick-up or delivery! 

Plant-Based Energy Drinks

Need a caffeine boost without the crash? Our in-house energy drinks were designed to give our customers an all-natural alternative to coffee for a cleaner, plant-based energy lift.

With a handful of different flavors, the drink is now one of our most popular menu items in-store – not just for its aesthetics, but also its natural boost and benefits. 

Learn more about our line of better-for-you energy drinks in our blog, Plant-Based Energy Drinks 101.

Great place to work/study

Whether you’re catching up with an old friend, meeting someone new, or keeping your head down to get some work done together, we invite you to do it over coffee and other unique drinks. Stay energized to get through the day and then unwind with us when you’re done. 

At Archies, we prioritize large seating spaces that are great for meetings, group projects, attending online lectures, and more. We also give you access to quick bites and food (so you never have to worry about losing your spot after lunch). 

With free wifi, clean bathrooms, accessible outlets, and more, we design our coffee shops specifically with students and professionals in mind. Besides, those are the bare minimums, if you ask us.

Come visit us at Archies Coffee near you

If you’re in need of a go-to spot to relax outside of home, now you’ve got one. Visit us at Archies Coffee for our unique drinks and experiences. Come in, get caffeinated (or don’t), and unwind the Archies way. 

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