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Plant-Based Energy Drinks 101

Feb 15, 2024

When you think of going to a cafe, you usually think of grabbing a coffee or latte of some kind. At Archies, we wanted to give you more options for the days you want to switch it up or cut back from your usual espresso. 

Our in-house energy drinks were designed to give our customers an all-natural alternative to coffee for a cleaner, plant-based energy lift with no crash. With a handful of different flavors, the drink is now one of our most popular menu items – not just for its aesthetics, but also its natural boost and benefits. 

Of course, that tends to come with a lot of questions, so we’re doing a tell-all about our Archies plant-based energy drinks:

What makes something an energy drink?

Energy drinks are specifically formulated to provide a quick boost in energy and alertness. Typical ingredients include caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, and various herbal extracts.  The combination of these ingredients is designed to provide a quick and potent boost in physical and mental energy.

However, some of the biggest brands – Monster, Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy, etc. – are known for including synthetic components, high sugar, and artificial flavoring. The energy drink industry in general gets a pretty bad reputation due to these ingredients and their side effects, especially in young people.

Luckily, consumers are demanding change and many brands are crafting unique, better-for-you energy drinks to provide a more nourishing and refreshing energy boost, without compromising your health.

Health effects of energy drinks

If you’ve ever had a traditional energy drink before, you may have experienced various effects on your body, such as increased heart rate, mental alertness, and/or a “crash” hours later.

The stimulants in energy drinks (especially caffeine) are known to create these energy-boosting effects, along with side effects. 

For instance, consuming energy drinks can result in difficulties falling asleep due to the energy-boosting effects of caffeine, leading to disrupted sleep patterns and insomnia. 

The “crash” that some people experience after consuming caffeine is often associated with caffeine’s effects on the central nervous system. When the effects of caffeine wear off, there can be a rebound effect on your brain’s adenosine receptors. 

As a stimulant, caffeine blocks adenosine from binding to the receptors, leading to increased alertness. When it wears off, adenosine (a neurotransmitter that promotes relaxation and sleepiness) will finally bind to its receptors – usually, more strongly – and result in feelings of sudden fatigue, or a “crash.”

In other words, excess consumption of caffeine, whether in the form of coffee or energy drinks, is not recommended, particularly if you’re picking up drinks that are loaded with synthetic ingredients and high sugar.

At our coffee shop, we strive to do better so you can feel better.

How Archies does it differently

Although it would have been easy for us to stock up on a major energy drink brand, we wanted to curate something more special (and better for you) than a typical Monster or Red Bull. Our Archies Energy drinks are derived from natural ingredients such as:

  • Guayusa leaf 
  • Green coffee bean 
  • Coffee fruit 
  • Green tea leaf 
  • Lemon 
  • Lotus flower 
  • Cane sugar

These ingredients are carefully chosen to help provide a more wholesome and gentle energy boost. In other words, you get the natural energy you need without the crash. 

Even better, we came up with exciting flavors such as coconut-lemon (Blue Lightning), lavender (Purple Haze), sour apple (Sour Diesel), and more to give you something as refreshing and delicious as it is energizing. 

And don’t just take our word for it! Archies Energy drinks are some of our best-selling cafe drinks in San Antonio.

Try it today! 

Energy drinks are a great alternative to coffee when you want a cleaner, healthier boost. Whether it’s later in the day or you prefer something more refreshing and fun, Archies Fine Coffee & CBD is the place to go to get a new variety of energy-boosting drinks.

Get our signature Archies Energy drinks in-store at Archies & Jugo locations throughout Texas. Explore our menu now to see all the available flavors. 
But if you’re not from the South, don’t worry! There’s more to come. Follow us on @archiesenergy on Instagram or keep an eye out for what’s to come over at

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